Barefoot And Fisted Brian Bonds is naked and kneeling, his eyes closed and his butt raised in anticipation. His bubble butt is about to be stretched with a gloved fist. Behind him, Tony Buff, naked from the waist up, is lubing his hands in preparation. Brian's toes curl as Tony uses several fingers to stuff Brian's ass with lubricant. Putting his palms together as if to pray, Tony jams eight fingers into Brian. Brian's head flips back. Tony replaces his fingers with a single entire fist as Brian's hips rock in counterpoint. His eyes roll back as endorphins flood his body. The penetration is deep, slow and sensuous. Changing the scenario, Brian rolls onto his back and Tony ties a crimson rope around Brian's feet and ankles to lift and separate his legs. Brian's hairy chest heaves. He and Tony have grabbed their hard cocks and are stroking furiously while the fisting continues. Arcs of cum shoot from Brian's shaft across his torso as Tony pops his load onto the fucking platform. featuring Fisting Central Men Tony Buff, Brian Bonds!

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